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Journal Articles


Virtual body ownership and its consequences for implicit racial bias are dependent on social context.
D Banakou, A Beacco, S Neyret, M Blasco-Oliver, S Seinfeld, Mel Slater (2020)
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The Rocketbox library and the utility of freely available rigged avatars for procedural animation of virtual humans and embodiment.
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Exploring the effect of cooperation in reducing implicit racial bias and its relationship with dispositional empathy and political attitudes.
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Social Conformity in Immersive Virtual Environments: The Impact of Agents’ Gaze Behavior.
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A Virtual Τour of a Hardly Accessible Archaeological Site: the Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality in User Experience, Learning and Attitude Change.
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A Mechanistic Account of Bodily Resonance and Implicit Bias.
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Virtually Being Einstein Results in an Improvement in Cognitive Task Performance and a Decrease in Age Bias.
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Reducing risk and improving maternal perspective-taking and empathy using virtual embodiment.
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Virtual Embodiment of White People in a Black Virtual Body Leads to a Sustained Reduction in their Implicit Racial Bias.
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Body ownership causes illusory self-attribution of speaking and influences subsequent real speaking.
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