Outside the Lab.

Although I dedicate most of my time to research, I have a strong passion for art, which I express in two different, but at the same time quite similar, ways - painting and confectionery.


Ever since I was little, I remember myself sketching, drawing, painting, even sculpting any chance I got. Although I've had very little formal training, everything I've learnt has been through self-guided learning, and a lot of trial and error. I love experimenting using different techniques and media, getting inspired by everyday life, people, fashion, and nature. I have mostly worked with charcoal and watercolour in the past, although for the last couple of years I have been playing with the combination of acrylics and mixed-media on canvas. I am mostly influenced by contemporary artists, whom I'm constantly learning from, always adding my personal touch to my projects.


If you would like to check our my art you can visit my Etsy Shop or Society6 artist page.

A few years back my enthusiasm for art led me to experiment with a more unusual medium - sugarpaste! I discovered that confectionery is the perfect way to combine my painting and cooking skills and use the creative results to please not only one's eye but also their tummies! Unfortunately, due to my limited time I cannot dedicate to it professionally, but it's always a great pleasure to put a smile on friends' faces on special occasions!

Cake Decorating

Check out Domnaki's cake decorating photoblog and discover my sugary creations.

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...and some photography from my hometown when visiting